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K- Laser Therapy


High Power Laser Therapy

Southland Animal Hospital strives to offer the most modern, cutting edge technology to treat our patients in many different areas of Veterinary Care. That is why, we are proud to announce our new modality of treating a myriad of different conditions that our pets encounter in their lives.

K-Laser, also known as High Power Laser Therapy, targets damaged tissue with specific wavelengths of light that have been found to interact with tissue and accelerate the healing process.

Much like photosynthesis in plants, light energy passes through the skin, into the cell membrane, initiating a process called photobiostimulation. This process enhances the body’s natural regenerative functions, as well as stimulating the release of endorphins and collagen. It may eventually even normalize damaged or injured tissue.

The result? Accelerated wound healing, as well as reduced pain, stiffness, swelling, and spasms. As the injured area returns to normal, function is restored, so patients may take their life back and resume their favorite hobbies and activities.

Please call us for more information on our treatment plan options and see which of our options best fit your pet's needs. 



dental xrays

The procedure takes just minutes, but the investment in your pets health is priceless.

Being able to see to the "root" of the problem is essential for us to provide the best care for all of our patients.

Available as part of our Dental Cleaning Packages makes it very affordable and a must "see" for all.

Please call us to make your pets Dental Cleaning happen today.



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